About Me

So I just realized that there is an  “about me” section. Right now should be the time that I come up with something witty/sophisticated/dazzling to say about myself. The truth is: I’m just an average girl. There are a few things that I love above all else in life: music (making and listening), writing, nature, my family, and my faith. I hope that you enjoy my adventures in images as I have enjoyed both finding/composing the images for this site and writing about them. This blog has truly been a joy to do each week and I plan to use it as a stepping stone for gathering courage to write about other things and share it with the world!
P.S.- In case anyone was wondering, the image that is the header of my blog is a picture I took while visiting Ireland last year. As I mentioned, I am particularly interested in nature and taking pictures of this beautiful earth. Plans for the future include a travel blog of all of the places that I visit or have visited in the past accompanied with pictures!

Music & Me
Courtesy of Mary Dougherty Photography


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